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Free fill and Brick a mass - Nonstructural planning from screening plant - Free for pick-up or Delivery Available.

Customized Sandy Soil

If you are a landscaper or contractor in need of high-quality loam or sandy soil, look no further than Roberto Loam & Equipment Company of Billerica, Massachusetts. Our professionals are able to customize your ideal soil for your every need.

Grade-A Loam

Our supply of screened loam topsoil is of the finest quality for your home and business. It is perfect for sprinkling around shrubbery, plants, seeding, and filling in certain spots for planting. We are able to add compost or anything else you require to ensure you receive the best possible service.

Infield & Soil Mix

Infield mix is a sandy type of loam used for baseball fields, soccer fields, and other sports.

Soil Mix

Our soil mix is customized to your specifications. Whether you require loam with a little more compost and dirt or soil with a more sandy texture, our professionals create the exact soil you need. We make special soil mixes for hospitals, schools, parks, and anything else. Our trustworthy associates are very direct; if we are unable to provide any service, we tell you up-front.

Soil Deliveries

There is a four-yard minimum order for all products to receive our prompt delivery service to your site. However, you are more than welcome to pick it up from our location.

Loam - Sandy Soil
Contact us to receive our custom-made sandy soil and loam for your business or organization.